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An Epic Story -  Historical Fiction Series
A Desolate Peace - twenty years in the making - is the first broad account of the epic clash between the Elizabethan and Gaelic Worlds. The Ten Volume Series spans the years 1561 – 1616.

Researched and written by James R. O’Hagan

A Desolate Peace - an historical fiction series, twenty years in the making, and offering the first broad account of the epic clash between the Elizabethan and Gaelic Worlds.

An Irish boy, Hugh O’Neill, is given up for his own safety and raised in England by a Crown official. Barely out of his youth, he returns to Ireland in the service of Queen Elizabeth. He is to serve as a loyal counterweight against a murderous and rebellious uncle Sean O’Neill, who rules Gaelic Ulster in defiance of England.

He must choose a side.
There can be only one survivor.

Spanning from 1561 — 1616

A Desolate Peace is the first broad account of the epic clash between the Elizabethan and Gaelic Worlds. Have a look at a complete list of volumes for this epic 10 volume set. The list also includes release dates for all volumes and links to their summaries.



The Principal Characters are the larger-than-life figures of the Elizabethan and Gaelic World– kings, queens, popes, noblemen and noblewomen, priests, pirates, soldiers, sailors, saints, scholars, adventurers, spies and rogues. Together, they unwittingly brought about the destruction of the old world and replaced it with modernity.

All are conflicted by religious righteousness, humanistic principles, greed, vaulting ambition, a desire for national identity, and feudal and dynastic claims. Those of noble birth lay claim to high office as a right. Others from humble origins must use their superior intelligence, bravado and ice-cool judgement to rise from relative obscurity to contend for power and influence in what becomes a deadly game.

All are brought to life in this historical fiction series which helps free them from the many distortions of centuries-old stereotypical prejudices and national myths.

Some of the principal players in alphabetical order are:
  • Adam Loftus (1533 – 1605)
  • Alonso Perez de Guman (1550 – 1615)
    7th Duke of Medina Sidonia
  • Alvaro de Bazan (1526 – 1588)
    1st Marquess of Santa Cruz, Captain General of the Seas, General Admiral
  • Antonio Ghislieri (1504 – 1572)
    Pope Pius Vth
  • Camillo Borghese (1550 – 1621)
    Pope Paul V (Latin: Paulus V; Italian: Paolo V)
  • Catherine de’ Medici (1519 – 1589)
    Queen Regnant of France
  • Charles Blount (1563 – 1606)
    8th Baron Mountjoy
  • Don Juan Del Águila y Arellano (1545 – 1602)
    Spanish General, Commander at Battle of Kinsale
  • Edmund Spenser (1552 – 1599)
    Poet and Irish Secretary
  • Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603)
    Queen of England and Ireland
  • Felice Piergentile (1521 – 1590)
    Pope Sixtus V
  • Fernando Alvarez de Toledo y Pimentel (1507 – 1582)
    3rd Duke of Alva
  • Sir Francis Drake (1540 – 1596)
    Sea Dog Extraordinaire
  • Sir Francis Walsingham (1532 – 1590)
    Secretary of State
  • Gerald FitzGerald (1533 – 1583) 15th
    Earl of Desmond
  • Grace O'Malley (1530 – 1603)
    Irish – Grainne Mhaol – Warrior Queen
  • Henri I (1550 – 1588)
    3rd Duke of Guise
  • Henri IV (1553 – 1610)
    King of France
  • Henry Hastings (1536 – 1595)
    Loyal Puritan
  • Sir Henry Sidney (1529 – 1586)
    Acting Lord Deputy of Ireland
  • Henry Stuart (1545 – 1567)
    Lord Darnley (Duke of Albany) King Consort of Scotland
  • Hugh O’Neill (1550 – 1616)
    'The O'Neill' Prince of Ulster, Decendant of High Kings of Ireland
  • Hugh Roe O'Donnell (1572 – 1602)
    'The O'Donnell', Prince of Tirconaill
  • Sir Humphrey Gilbert (1539 – 1583)
    English Adventurer and Explorer
  • Ippolito Aldobrandini (1536 – 1605)
    Pope Clement VIII
  • James Charles Stuart (1566 – 1625)
    King James VI of Scotland and I of England
  • Lady Agnes Campbell (1526 – 1601)
    Preeminent Woman in Ulster
  • James Hepburn (1534 – 1578)
    4th Earl of Bothwell, 1st Duke of Orkney
  • John Knox (1514 – 1572)
    Presbyterian Preacher
  • Sir Martin Frobisher (1535 – 1594)
    Sea Captain and Explorer
  • Mary Stuart (1542 – 1587)
    Queen of Scots
  • Sir Peter Carew (1514 – 1575)
  • Philip II (1527 – 1598)
    King of Spain
  • Philip III (1578 – 1621)
    King of Spain
  • Robert Devereux (1565 – 1601)
    Earl of Essex
  • Robert Dudley (1532 – 1588)
    1st Earl of Leicester
  • Thomas Butler (1531 – 1614)
    10th Earl of Ormond
  • Thomas Howard (1536 – 1572)
    4th Duke of Norfolk, KG
  • Thomas Percy (1528 – 1572)
    7th Earl of Northumberland
  • Ugo Boncompagni (1572 – 1585)
    Pope Gregory XIII
  • Walter Devereux (1541 – 1576)
    1st Earl of Essex, KG, English Nobleman and General
  • Sir Walter Raleigh (1552 – 1618)
    English Statesman and Soldier
  • William Cecil (1520 – 1598)
    Lord Treasurer
  • William the Silent (1533 – 1584)
    Leader of the Netherlands Revolt Against Spanish Rule

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