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“Ask the Author” gives me the opportunity to answer questions submitted by readers.


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People ask, is this fiction?

Yes, but closely based on actual events and the historical context.

Does it answer any questions?

Readers can draw their own conclusions as to why ‘a desolate peace’ now reigns in Ireland and in many other places.

So, what is the actual story all about?

‘A Desolate Peace’ is the epic clash between the Elizabethan and Gaelic Worlds. At stake - the mastery of this world and the keys to the next - the fate of nations and peoples. ‘The Great Corrector’ – war – unsheathes the sword of righteousness. An Irish youth raised in England returns to Ireland on Her Majesty’s service. He introduces English laws and customs. Intolerant of each other, the Elizabethan and Gaelic Worlds collide. He must choose a side.

How is it told?

You follow the footprints of the Titans of a by-gone age. These colourful characters track across the pages of a previously much-mythologized history. But in A Desolate Peace you become privy to their innermost thoughts and musings and so discover what they did and why.

What was the motivation in writing this?

As history is frequently written by the conqueror in the blood of the vanquished, and later revised by the conquered - A Desolate Peace attempts to establish a plausible account from both sources.


Anything new?

It raises the possibility that the independent and uncompromising Gaelic world might have been sacrificed to allow the modern world to give birth to religious and political tolerance.