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Welcome To Our Online Book Store

We currently have the first two volumes of a ten volume set available for purchase. Our current list of availability is as follows:

  • Volume I: A Bloody Chessboard

    In Print

  • Volume II: The Stone of Destiny

    In Print

  • Volume III: The Righteous Reign

    Summer 2024

  • Volume IV: Deliver Us from Evil

    Fall 2024

  • Volume V: Time Runs Out

    Winter 2024

  • Volume VI: To shake the Throne

    Summer 2025

  • Volume VII: World Collide

    Fall 2025

  • Volume VIII: Victory or Death

    Winter 2025

  • Volume IX: The Fall of the Gael

    Summer 2026

  • Volume X: Keystone of Destiny

    Fall 2026

Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, at this time orders and payment transactions can only be accepted  for customers with mailing addresses in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Mann, and The Channel Islands.

Access to Canadian and US distribution and separate pricing through this website is expected to be available later this year and meanwhile Canadian and US readers are invited to forward (at no obligation) their order reservation email address for notification of availability.

The following books are In-Print and available in our online book store: